Dirty Laundry: a cleansing memoir

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Dirty Laundry: a cleansing memoir

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Izzy Blizzard’s frank memoir covers six decades of her tumultuous life, beginning when she was nine years old. Here, in the preface to her book, Izzy warns readers they may not like her:

“My mother told me the only way to truly cleanse one’s dirty laundry is to bring it out into the sunshine and air it. I’m giving that a try, airing the worst of my own dirty laundry.

“For example, few things are less attractive than suicide or extra-marital affairs. I've attempted the former and have been involved in the latter—multiple times—so I'm well-acquainted with how people react to a woman like me. It isn't pretty. At times, it's almost uglier than my own behavior.

“I've also considered murdering someone, but I didn't do it. Does that make me at least a little bit moral? Or will my reason for not taking a life put me in an even worse light?

“That's for you to decide when you read my story. But please keep in mind that I come from a long line of faulty DNA, and not just on the paternal side. Drunks and bipolars abound on both sides of my bloodline. Perhaps you'll weigh those facts, my only excuse, when deciding whether to forgive some of what I reveal.”

A quick read of approximately 30,000 words. Due to some content, Dirty Laundry is intended for adult readers.


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